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Discipleship 101 Series: Post 1 - A Starting Point


It has been said that every journey begins with the first step. Agreed. Yet, never have I seen a more treacherous first step. As one embarks on the spiritual journey into God’s Kingdom through Jesus, the Christ, it is as if entering Willie Wonka's chocolate factory for the first time. Everything seems upside down. Everything is backwards. Everything is inverted. Nothing seems natural or according to instinct.

Therefore, entry proves difficult.

The way in is only found only by the courageous and those courageously empty-handed.

If you chose to continue down this path of discipleship, Life lies ahead. Yes, Life with a capital L. Yet, that life will be found only through much dying. If you would like to experience that Life, I would encourage a few things:

First, learn to loosen your grip. You may white knuckle your way through life with in an effort to maintain comfort and control, yet that approach won’t help you here. Realize that God’s greatest gift to you is not your immediate sense of happiness. Believe it as if your Life depended on it because it does. If you are not willing to allow God access to the handlebars, it will be a long and painful ride. Not to mention very unenjoyable.

Second, do not go this alone. Aloneness is the opposite of God. Community is central to the godhead and the only way to experience truth. Without others to help you learn and process and see God for who he is, you will end up worshiping a slimmed or beefed up version of yourself. Is that not scary? Hopefully more scary that the prospect of inviting people into your life.

Third, give it time. We all fear that the tortoise will lose to the hare every time. Don’t be that guy. Relationships take time to build. Lots of time. Rushing the potter only makes a mess of the clay. So, learn to stick. Practice patience. Be determined to outlast your desires, they are fickle and will fade. Trust me, learning to dig in and show up to your own life will reap you mountains of treasure!

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