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Foundations Class

Have you ever wondered what the essence of Christianity is really about? While the scriptures are certainly complex and contain many different stories and concepts, the simplicity of the narrative remains centered on one central idea often referred to as the Good News: God loves you and because of this love, has called you into His own Life through the person of Jesus. The Foundations Class explores the basic concepts of the Good News or Gospel and seeks to learn how they bear out in your life.

The Foundations Class is an interactive discussion and is open to any and all who would like to attend and is scheduled for February 25 - RSVP here (link to event post) if you’re interested in attending. Class will be led by Joel Wentz and will be 12-2pm in the Community Room (Jr Trekker KidsQuest room) at East End School after the service. Light lunch provided. Childcare may be available, let Gwen know if interested.