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Membership and MDC

Membership and MDC

Joining a church means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For us here at Missio Dei Church we understand membership as an opportunity for those who have been baptized into the Body of Christ to make a public commitment to be family with and to a local community of believers. In a day and age where community is defined by so many things, membership for Missio Dei expresses a commitment to live the mission of Jesus with a specific group of people whom you are giving access to love you and serve you like the family you always longed to have.

The Membership Process

Becoming a members of MDC is uncomplicated. We simply as that you attend both the Foundations Class and the MDC Vision class to ensure that you understand what we believe, where we are going, and what makes us distinct as a church. 

Once those classes are completed, all you need to do is reach out to one of the Pastor/Elders and let them know that you would like to partner with Missio Dei. Once or twice a year we recognize all of those who have joined MDC on a Sunday morning and welcome them as a group as a part of the family MDC.

For more information or questions about what it means to join MDC please reach out to one of our pastor/elders!