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While there are many people who provide leadership to Missio Dei, the following list details those who provide more active day to day leadership across different layers of our church. If you would like more information about the pastors or other leaders in Missio Dei, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The G10 Leadership Team

The G10 is a Group of Ten made up of the four pastor/elders, four women, and two other men. The members of the G10 work alongside of the pastor/elders charting long-term vision of MDC and working through issues related to growing and strengthening our current ministries. All of this is with a view toward growing MDC. Growth means expanding kingdom ministry and reaching more people with the gospel of Jesus in word and deed. To do this is multi-faceted and in conjunction with other churches and outside organizations. It involves equipping those among us for the work of kingdom service. Among other things, we talk about staffing, space (facilities), stewardship, finances, and our various ministries and programs for adults, youth, and kids.

The current G10 is composed of Josie Skavdahl, Maegan Crabtree, Sarah Gray, and Linda Jones, Robbie Miller, Rob Reed, and the four pastor/elders (Angel, Eric, Ethan and Ken). Each G10 is formed for a four month term following our normal trimester church calendar, although we try hard not to have to replace every member of the G10 at once as we move from one trimester to the next.

The G10 began in 2015. The current term started in September, 2016, at which time two of the original members stepped off and two new members joined. We would really appreciate your prayers as we work together to chart the present and future course of MDC!

The Pastor/Elders


Angel Silva - Lead Pastor/Elder - Teaching and Vision Focus

Angel is one of the co-founders of Missio Dei, having started the church with Joey Fassett back in 2004. Angel graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2000 (MDiv/ThM) and then pastored a small country church in Central Vermont until starting MDC. He serves the body primarily in the areas of preaching/teaching and leadership/vision. 

Angel's primary passion, outside of Jesus, is his wife and family. Angel and Amy have 6 children, most in the teen years, and enjoy being parents.

To retain a measure of sanity, Angel plays hockey, rides his road bike, and enjoys the outdoors. He enjoys his neighbors, BBQ's and developing community wherever he finds himself!


Ethan Smith - Youth Focus

Ethan is married to Stacee and together they have three boys: Jack, Ezra, and Finn. Ethan has been a Pastor/Elder at Missio Dei since 2012. His focus has been providing oversight to the youth related ministries.



Eric  - Finance Focus

Eric is married to April and together they have 2 boys, Nathan and Will. Eric has been serving as a Pastor/Elder at Missio Dei since 2011. He has also served faithfully on the Finance Team for some time now and is a consistent witness to others for what he has seen and heard about the Good News.



Ken Jones - Organizational Leadership and Worship Focus

Ken has been serving in MDC along with his wife, Linda, since they started coming in 2011. 

They met in the mid-1970s in a large "house church" in California and were married in 1978. In 1985, their son Kevin was born; in 1986 they went to Indiana for a year where Ken got a MA degree in biblical counseling from Grace Theological Seminary; in 1987 they moved to Portland Maine with many others from the California house church to plant a church; in 1988, their daughter Kaiti was born. The church planting effort was short-lived, but having been called to Maine, Ken and Linda never felt "un-called" and are still here!

After many years serving in another local Portland church (while Ken also worked as a CPA), they became a part of MDC in early 2011. Once a week, they have hosted "Monday night at the Joneses," a dinner and meeting for young adults since 2004. In the MDC body, Ken helps out with organizational leadership, worship leading, and a little bit of this and that. Linda serves on the G10 and is very active in addressing the pastoral needs of women. And she loves babies!

For fun, they travel (a great deal of it to see their far-flung families) and love to go boating.

KidsQuest and G10


Maegan Crabtree - KidsQuest / G10

Maegan has been serving the body by overseeing one of the most important (and most stressful!) ministries of Missio Dei - KidsQuest, our Sunday morning educational program for kids. She provides oversight to the teachers and helpers and takes responsibility for the overall development of the ministry. On any given Sunday MDC has 50-60 children in KidsQuest and 15-20 volunteers. She continues to do a fine job managing the chaos!

Maegan also has proven to be a valuable resource as a part of the G10 leadership team through 2015 and 2016.

Maegan is married to Troy, who teaches at Portland High and together they have two boys: Ezra and Isaac. In addition to her work with children and teachers at Missio Dei, she enjoys her work as a Learning Specialist at Waynflete School where she teaches children with learning challenges. Maegan and her family enjoy time together hiking, biking, swimming, reading and exploring. Maegan and Troy also enjoy being a part of their Westbrook community and find joy in investing in their childrens’ school and in the lives of their neighbors and friends. The Crabtrees are thankful for the loving communities that God has given them to be a part of and they deeply value the ways that God uses His people to shape and strengthen them as a family.

 Administrative Coordinator


Gwen Tedder - Administrative Coordinator

Gwen has been serving the church part time as the primary mover of all things detail related. She has proven to be an invaluable resource and works hard to honor God with the details of what makes a church work. 

Gwen is married to Doug, and together, they have three boys and one large dog. Their sons' names are Seth, James, and Andrew.