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Intentional Disciple-making relationships are central to the Christian life. While many people have attended church and have practiced spiritual disciplines, many remain hungry for a deeper experience of God and a greater degree of personal freedom. Growing in the knowledge of God means growing in the knowledge of ourselves, which leads to emotional health and stability. It is our passion to see our people press into not only spirituality, but also emotional maturity through intentional relationships that help us break free from our blind-spots and false gods.

What is a Triad?

Triads are gender based groups of 3-4 people who commit to gathering regularly to deepen their walk with Jesus, the Gospel, each other, and themselves. We encourage each person who is part of the MDC body to be involved in a Triad because we believe that intentional, Gospel-centered community leads to Gospel transformation. Triads are a place to be known, share life, confess sin, and remind each other of the Gospel on a weekly basis.

A Triad is NOT an accountability group!

As Paul says in Titus 2:11, we are “disciplined by Grace”. Paul teaches us that grace is the centerpiece and power of the Christian life. Because of this, a Triad is less like an accountability group that focuses on behavior modification based on guilt and more like a group of wise counselors that help a person understand their broken desires and beliefs that are driving their sinful actions. Applying the Gospel to false belief and core lies is where freedom emerges from and is the foundation of a Triad. 

What do you do in a Triad?

Sharing our stories is central to Triads. Sharing our stories provides a beautiful opportunity for God to work His healing grace in the untouched places of our lives, and in our histories. These kinds of relationship have the power to break the strongholds of sin, and let us practice how to point each other to Jesus.

Triads also carve out time for the Spirit to be active in our lives and busy schedules, and we pray that it will be an experience of growth, searching out God’s Word together, giving permission to be fully known, learning to speak the truth in love, and experience the freedom of confession and repentance.

Why is this important?

By asking, listening, suggesting, reminding each other of who God is, who Christ is, and who we are in Him, we are reminded of the truth of who we are in a broken world. We learn to contrast the lies we believe with what/Who is true. We help each other discover for ourselves the lies we believe so we can start to ask ourselves, “Why?” “Why do I believe that? How does it ‘work’ for me?” So we can repent, believe what is true, and walk as free sons and daughters.

How to I get involved?

It is our desire that everyone at Missio Dei has will experience this kind of intentional disciple making relationship. If you are interested in getting involved in a Triad it is essential to know that these types of relationships are not programmed. There is no sign up sheet or place to sign-up. Triads are developed are a person immerses themselves into the life of the body and seeks to intentionally develop relationships that are based on commitment and trust. From there, you can attend a Triad Training and start connecting with others who are seeking the same type of relationship. Email Megan Smith or Angel Silva for more info.